Casa Forestal Alt del Moro

Antigua casa forestal construida durante el siglo XX, actualmente en deshuso constituye un lugar para admirar todo nuestro término.

Situado en la sierra de la Ombria en la carretera a Beneixama (CV-657) i a 889 metros de altitud de nivel sobre el mar. Por ella pasan numerosas rutas senderísticas no señalizadas pero usadas en la antiguedad por los lugareños y en la actualidad por deportistas y visitantes. casa-moro-3

Desde su privilegiado enclave se puede divisar todo el valle : desde La Font la Figuera, Cumbres de Valencia (Moixent) i Ontinyent. Rodeado de denso bosque de pino constituye un lugar para admirar la belleza de nuestro término.

Casa Forestal Alt del Moro –

Sentido Único & Peatonalización

Sentido único

Carrer Constitucio deriva a sentidos Este o a Oeste.

Peatonalizar la plaza, el jardí y el acceso antiguo desde el norte

La entrada norte se deriva hacia a las dos rondas. y suben por San Antoni y Cinc d’Agost.

Aparcamientos en paralelo en calles Este-Oest

The good life in Fontanars dels Alforins

Fontanars is a town of around 1000 inhabitants, located within the province of Valencia, inside the region of Vall d’Albaida.  It is a winery land, of deep-rooted agricultural tradition, but all this exists without the loss of the Mediterranean lifestyle.  The town, next to La Font de la Figuera and Moixent, creates what is known as Terres dels Alforins, a valley filled  with wineries that has no reason to envy Italian Tuscany or the French countryside. Here, not only is the climate admirable, but there is also extensive surface space for cultivation, thanks to the new generations revitalising the natural heritage in the area.

This spot has experienced an upturn in the wine-making activity during the last 30 years, on account of the young farmers with training in oenology. In 2009 they decided to represent themselves in the association of Terres del Alforins. It can be said of the farmers that, not only are they better trained, but also that they opt for organic wines to preserve the natural wealth of the area and that they have been able to promote wine tourism, highlighting the value of their historic constructions and the archaeological remains. Gastronomy has also been enhanced, with basic Mediterranean diet products, such as olive oil, dried fruits and good wine.

Les Terres dels Alforins flaunt a high standard of winegrowingknown by the annual guide by Robert M. Parker, who represents one of the most important indicators in the world of wine.  In its latest edition, the American critic awards an outstanding critique to 24 wines of the area, which is one of the highest concentrations in the world.

Souce: Rimontgo (Tuesday, May 29th, 2018)